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Little did we know when we signed up for this run how personal it would become. Three weeks after signing up, Steve was diagnosed with colon cancer. We started running in October; Steve is now 20 pounds lighter, his heart is strong and we know we will get through this together. He will not be able to run in May so Ashley Kelso, a running friend, has stepped up to take his place.

We have felt so much support from many different people and are very grateful. Please leave a note of encouragement and, if you are so moved, a financial donation to this worthy cause.

Steve is scheduled for surgery on April 16. Look here for notes of his recovery. We remain full of hope, faith and love.
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Dear Steve, I am so happy that you are doing well and didn't have to get chemo!! Really glad I ran the race now!!Keep up the good work and stay healthy:)Louise
GREAT news!!! So happy to hear that!Kit May
AWESOME NEWS!!! We just found out it is early stage two cancer and they got it all. None in the lymph nodes! Steve does not have to go through chemo. Clear of Cancer. Get your colonoscopy!Mindy and Steve
I never thought I'd grow so close to a group in such a short time period. Your energy was certainly missed tonight. You'll be running laps around all of us soon!Ash
You guys are in our thoughts and prayers! You are so inspirational to us when we started running with you in October! Of course, you left us in the dust....Maybe I should say your backsides were inspirational to us! LOL! I know Steve's mental toughness and determination will get him through this new race ahead of him, along with the wonderful support of Mindy. God Bless both of you and your family! Michelle and JoeMichelle & Joe Eller
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.Recover well.George & Linda
Steve hit a little bump in the road to recovery. Lost lots of blood, ended up being transferred to ICU late last evening. It was scarey, but we feel confident that he will be back on track by tomorrow. We have to keep a watchful eye on the situation, but it should be ok. Thank you all for your faithful encouragement. Curse the cancer, bless the staff, praise God.Mindy
You are mentally strong and your body is catching up to you! Way to use the yoga breathing to get through the pain! Don't forget the friends you've made in running are taking every step with you in their thoughts! I am making a list of good jokes to tell when you are able to upgrade from smiling to laughing:)Lynn Clark
Steve, Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. We were glad to receive Mindy's e-mail this evening stating that the surgery went well. Steve, we know you will stay strong during this recovery period. Wishing you a quick and complete recovery. Our best, Denny and Cathy O'DonovanDenny and Cathy O'Donovan
Steve came through surgery with no complications. He sat in a chair tonight -- through gritted teeth, using his yoga breathing and running determination. Your support and encouragement have made ALL the difference. Pathology reports will be in next Thurs or Fri. Steve heals, we pray, we wait.Mindy
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